The Bamileke Customs and Traditional Religion Versus The Gospel


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Following a series of conferences organised by Mission BINAM. Under the the

me: “Customs and ancestral religions us the Gospel”, it seemed necessary to me to summarise in a document, all information and contributions received during the past five years from renowned servants of God on the subject. It is not only a sum of information, but also above all, a heart cry, in front of the ignorance from both Christians and non-Christians.

Face with the difficulty to find a boarder between the religions and the cul

tural with the Bamileke traditions, the Bamileke generation of today is confused. It is a generation that unfortunately seeks refuge in wrong biblical arguments that lead to syncretism, since there is lack of deep knowledge of the word of God. Since 1996, Mission BINAM has been carrying out research, explanatory and publishing work aimed at enhancing and enlightening the topic.

The present book is a call ushered to all the Bamileke native and others, to get in to deep thinking on the realities of the values conveyed in the practice of customs and traditional religions.

Finally, this book is an urge to all it’s readers, to get instruction on the Bible’s view on what often makes the pride of Bamileke people, to which I belong.





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