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This work by Rev. Alain Bouwa is a clear advancement in research on ways in
which particular people groups receive the message of the Gospel and the manner in which they understand it. It reveals why they do certain things in a certain way. The case study on the Bamiléké will help pastors, missionaries and Christian educators, to whom are given the responsibility of spreading the Gospel, to always take time to study the beliefs and practices of a people group before sharing the Gospel with them.

To have an effective ministry, it is important to have a good knowledge of the
intercultural and interpersonal relations of the group. If one wants to affect the
mentality and the behavior of a person or group, it is necessary to have a deep
understanding of their manner of thinking and doing. The influence of the Gospel in the Bamiléké land works through an understanding of their beliefs, their culture, their traditions, and their traditional religion. We are grateful to God for Rev. Alain Bouwa’s work, which contributes greatly to the enrichment of the Christian message by giving it a tool to reach Africa’s unreached people groups, as it has the Bamiléké.

Rev. Njayo David Njemo
General Superintendent
Full Gospel Mission Cameroon

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The development of this excellent report, summarizing the strategic research in many Bamiléké villages, represents a critically important step forward for the church in Cameroon. I know of no other resource that so carefully and fully describes the situation of the Bamiléké villages and their need and readiness for the gospel. This work is an important addition to the Church’s understanding of how best to minister to the Bamiléké. More than being simply informational, this report communicates the kind of insights I believe God will use to mobilize many more workers for appropriate and effective mission service.

Personally, this report brings great delight to my heart. The mission of GMI is “to
produce and present world-class research that fuels emerging mission movements
and leaders.” This project is precisely the kind of research that we are grateful to
assist. We appreciate both the people of Mission BINAM (the heart, commitment,
and skills of ministry leaders and field researchers) as well as the comprehensiveness of the research process and the high quality of the report. Our hope and prayer is that Pastor Bouwa’s leadership will inspire others to conduct similar research for the glory of God and the blessing of the peoples of Cameroon.

Mike O’Rear
Global Mapping International (GMI)
Colorado Springs, USA


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